Cleveland Consulting Services

Let a veteran CFO help your firm rise to the next level!

Greetings from Tom Cleveland and Cleveland Consulting Services!

I thank you for visiting our website, and I congratulate you on your taking this step toward improving your various business processes while upgrading the quality of your strategic efforts.  It is always prudent to spend time on pre-planning exercises, to gain further perspective from another "pair of experienced eyes", and to review the possible "what ifs" from an analytical purview before embarking on a major new initiative.  We at CCS can assist you in these activities in both a reasonable time frame and for a reasonable cost, much less than what larger firms would charge for their young and green recruits.

Cleveland Consulting Services is a management consulting and advisory services firm with a primary focus on small to medium-size firms and all early stage development companies.  At CCS, we have a proven history of developing creative solutions for “next generation” domestic, global and private payment systems and building efficient infrastructures for emerging growth companies.  Our specialties include strategic planning and analysis, business operations support, and business enhancement activities.  Our core specialty areas include the following areas of support for your business:

Strategic Planning and Analysis:  Business Plan development, financial forecasting, decision analysis, portfolio management strategies, outsourcing evaluation, benchmarking evaluations;

Business Operations Support: Install and manage effective accounting systems to ensure accurate reporting, tax support, receivables and payables management, and cash and trend projections;

Business Enhancement Activities:  Deal structure analysis, mergers and acquisitions, venture funding, risk management, due diligence, partnering strategies, international cash management, performance measurement and management, effective tax saving strategies.

Cleveland Consulting is committed to providing the full spectrum of our global resources and expertise to ensure you of a distinct business advantage.  It is our desire to listen to your needs, to lend our insight and support, and to make recommendations that can make all the difference to you, your customers and your investors.