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Recent Project Activities

Project activities for the previous few years have covered several distinct areas of the payment system value chain and support for new businesses.  These include the following:

Present Focus: Current activities are four-fold --

1) Supporting CFO for Card Express Inc. and Prepaid Direct Inc., innovative and established prepaid card distributing and processing companies with 19 years of active experience. Helped convert firms to "virtual" financial and reporting regimens to cut costs and enable growth in a turn-around environment. 

2) Supporting CFO for W.A.R.N., LLC, a leader in the emergency preparedness industry, offering software tools and services designed for public safety officers to manage planning, activation, and coordination of all emergency resources. The company is in its tenth year of operation with clients across the fifty states. 

3) Mr. Cleveland is a prolific writer on financial topics, having published hundreds of articles on the Internet and serving as a guest contributor for  Articles have focused on investing, money management, tips for entrepreneurs, and the status of our financial markets with a primary focus on foreign exchange.

4) Mr. Cleveland continues to support small business clients on a consulting basis, helping them operate on a more effective basis and prepare the necessary materials to assist in funding and growing their enterprises.

Previous Focus:  Assisting an innovative renewable energy company on the OTC to raise necessary funding to commercialize their various products and strategies into material revenues.  The medium is a Private Placement Memorandum, and the effort includes developing all investment grade materials including a detailed Business Plan, drafting necessary offering documents, securing a specialized broker/dealer, and participating in all due diligence activities.  Offering raise is in the $5-$10 million range.

Past Projects:

1) Assist an International Card Program to improve its acceptance and issuance activities in the United States;

2) Assist a Top-Ten acquiring bank processing company to re-negotiate successfully its long-term, gateway-hosted software license from its sole-sourced service provider;

3) Assist a Top-Three processor in Business Development activities to expand its customer base for web-hosting, statementing and processing solutions;

4) Assist the financial division of a major shipping organization to optimize its payment, collection and reconciliation operations;

5) Assist a major gateway service provider in payment industry research in support of pending litigation efforts;

6) Assist an international payment provider with its marketing attempts to establish a new Internet payment alternative in the United States;

7) Assist a major third-party processing company to review its options in the highly competitive crossborder remittance market;

8) Assist a major prepaid card processing distribution company in reorganizing and rebuilding its entire internal control infrastructure and developing investment ready materials to access the investment banking community for much needed working capital; 

9) Assist an international consortium in the development of broad-based strategies for distributing prepaid cards to major military and governmental units in various Latin American countries;

10) Assist a number of entrepreneurs and small businesses with the evaluation of their new business concepts and development of “investment ready” documentation for next-stage funding solicitation.

11) Assist a major supplier of decisioning software to expand its customer reach into Tier Two and Tier Three financial institutions;

12) Assist the major card associations in their litigation defense related to the collection of foreign exchange conversion fee revenues;

13) Assist in the dissolution activities related to an international payment network provider and to the sale of its intellectual property;

14) Developed innovative strategies and implementation plans for a cost effective crossborder payment service for outbound B2B payments from the U.S. to over 225 countries around the globe.

15) Assist a new entrant in the network processing and card distribution arena to build its retail acceptance network in various retail channels.

16) Developed tax avoidance program to convert Capital-Loss Carryforwards to current cash liquidity for individual taxpayers.

17) Developed and produced a 100-page White Paper for marketing innovative "Green Technology" service for a renewable energy company for deployment in developing countries at the behest of the United Nations.

18) Assisted innovative merchant processing company in selection and transition to a more supportive and prominent merchant processing platform provider at lower cost and broader marketing support.